Data & Analytics

Data is ingrained in all facets of the digital industry and is a crucial component behind every business decision, which is why it’s so crucial to find the right experts who will uncover critical insights that drive businesses forward. Gathered data allows us to discover how the customer's mind works and what methods are worth using to help him to convert.

We offer comprehensive and constant consulting in the field of web, app and business analytics. Thanks to the savvy experts knowledge gained through many years of practice, we are able to take on any challenge, no matter how complex your products or business processes are.

We are able to dive into all areas of web analytics


Internet and business analytics

Data analysis is the most effective method to determine the real needs of a business.

It allows you to get answers to key questions regarding business processes: Who are the most valuable customers? How to encourage them to buy more? What activities will pay off most and what kind of activities should be abandoned or optimized?

As part of our work, we create complex analytical models which supports your key business decisions. The outcome of the analysis also allow us to adjust advertising budgets and indicate the priorities of your growth in terms of the potential to generate income.

Key services

optimization of campaign performance

conversion funnel modelling


with interactive

Digital Marketing Audits

benchmark analysis

competition monitoring

Data Management

Proper selection of data is base line of the analytical success. If data set fails, the enterprise is unable to pursue a correct strategy. Our first step in the optimization work is the audit of analytical tools and correctness verification of the collected data.

Based on the audit results, we implement data driven tools and analysis best practices for a given client & industry, based on it we recommend better and complex analytical solutions.

Key Services

audit (website or APP)

tool implementation

big data solution

dedicated CRM, DMP, eCRM

implementations advanced configuration

platform integrations

KPI management


A frequent problem of entrepreneurs who have implemented e-commerce solutions is the loss of potential customers of an online store caused by a non-functional purchasing process and imprecise USPs. Often website design turns out to be ineffective as it does not use emotion as transfer for customers needs and discourages them from further shopping.

Based on the past conclusions from analysed websites and e-commerces, we implement a proprietary conversion optimization process. We will offer you only proven solutions that will guarantee increase in revenues on your website.

Key Services

heuristic analysis

survey research

click tracking

onsite and offsite tracking

qualitative and quantitative research

A/B tests

content personalization


We offer our clients trainings and workshops on web analytics and tools:

Google Analytics
Google AdWords
Google Tag Manager

In addition, we offer individually targeted workshops on the use of tools implemented by us on the client's websites and methods of analyzing the data obtained by them.


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